Strictly organic

As wire they grew out of the two-dimensional. I did not know about these rooms.
— Lena Birgitsdotter

At the end of my first year at HDK I made sketches of jewellery built up by lines. My tutor Eva Dahlin at HDK suggested me to explore what the method of drawing could do for me. I started drawing lines, just lines.


With composition, structure, color and thickness in mind, pictures started to grow out on my papers, pictures of lines building up unexpected forms. I had to erase too, to extract the essentials.


One day I felt like working in wire so I started to make little objects from my drawings. I straightened the metal wire and some pieces accidently waited lying on one of my drawings.

I saw the lines in metal taking place on the paper. So I glued the metal wire on to the paper drawing, cut along the lines and glued the form together. Something totally unexpected was in front of me. It felt so exciting I just had to make another one! Watching this transition in dimensions was a special moment in my studies. A thin place.