Valse lente

Bachelor work 2014 at Academy of Design & Crafts in Gothenburg.

The project resulted in the Eric Ericsons scholarship of 90.000 SEK.

I drew lines and I wrote ‘As wire they grew out of the two dimensional. I did not know about these rooms.’ I dip paper in porcelain, and dwell on paper piles of concern. Because I found the characteristics of porcelain and wanted to know more...
— Lena's thesis about the Valse Lente project
...White, mat and chalky. Fragile and innocent. Brittle. So close to breaking. As life is fragile and close. As life is beautiful. As my life is beautiful. Next to the dark. I make a construction, a protection for the fragile object...
...With a line that does not hide but cooperate. Like the shadow. So, when time has gone by and things has broken, something remains.